Did you know that 63% of apps are discovered through app store searches? With over 6 million mobile applications available in the app stores, it is time to make your app noticed with App Store Optimization (ASO). As the SEO for mobile applications, here's 4 reasons why app store optimization is a good investment for your app.

  • Improving brand exposure globally

App store optimization plays a significant role in making users aware of an app’s existence and hence the presence of the brand linked. By making your app available in other languages, you can get users from all over the world to discover your app.

  • Drive more revenue and download rate

A higher position in the search results can directly impact the number of downloads. The more people download your app, the more revenue will be generated. To optimize the results, encourage them to give reviews to demonstrate the app’s effectiveness

  • Lower expenses for paid marketing channels

A good ASO strategy will undoubtedly boost your app’s organic installs without costing you any extra cash. With app store optimization, you will find many potential users while ensuring a steady, sustainable growth for your brand.

  • Capture relevant users

ASO allows your brand to be displayed to users that are truly interested with what you offered. Put a sleek, esthetically pleasing icon, proper descriptions, tags, to make users read the description and eventually download the app.

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