With 218 billion app downloads recorded in 2020, demand for mobile apps is ever increasing, along with rising competition from other apps.

Here are three tips to help you increase your mobile app downloads.

  • Create an attractive app icon

Your app icon is the first thing your customer would see in the App Store, so the design you choose is fundamental to your success.

Ensure that your app icon clearly reflects the content of your app, while attention-grabbing and recognizable.

  • Social Media Outreach

Leverage on your existing social media channels to promote your app.

Create a conversation around the values of your app to existing and prospective customers. On every branded touch point, ensure you provide a seamless way for your customers to make the app download.

This could be a QR code to download your app, or an app-download link embedded in your social media content.

  • Get positive customer reviews

Rave reviews from existing users of your app are the best testimonials to convince prospective users that your app is worth downloading. Consider running a marketing campaign with your existing customers to encourage positive reviews of your app on the app stores.

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