Download this complete guide that will help you to create and enroll in the Apple Developer Account.

➡️ Request your DUNS (2-3 business Days)

➡️ Enroll in the Apple Developer Program (Under Business/Organization) - 5-7 days

➡️ If Account no approved after 7 days, request Apple to call you back for an immediate approval

➡️ Pay your yearly membership to Apple (99 USD/year) - Better to save your credit card in your account in order to have an automatic renewal

➡️ Apple takes two days to approve the account once you have paid the membership

➡️ Create your keys and send to

✅✅ You are done, your app can be built and ready to be listed in the Apple Store.

All the details step by step in the Apple guid.

If your need help, please reach to the Success Team.

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