To create a new discount code or review active, scheduled or expired codes, navigate to the ‘Discounts’ section, which is in the ‘Marketing’ module in CXM from the left sidebar menu.

The Discount grid is split into 4 main tabs:

  • All - Displays active, scheduled, and expired discount codes in one list.

  • Active - Displays all existing discount codes that are valid and running.

  • Scheduled - All codes that have been planned to be active at a future date/time.

  • Expired - All codes that are no longer active or scheduled.

Creating a new code

There are 7 sections to complete when creating a new code, and they must be done in the order that is shown:

1. Discount Codes

In this section you're able to set a custom code with which to distribute to your customers to use in the app, as well as set the cities that the discount code applies to.

Note: All codes default to uppercase.

2. Options

Here you can set what type of discount you would like to create. Currently, the CXM supports a "percentage" or "fixed amount" discount type. Set the values you want for either type per market.

3. Applies To

This section is where you set what the discount applies to:

  • Entire order - discount will be applied across the order as a whole.

  • Specific categories - apply the discount to products under one or more specific categories.

  • Specific products - allows you to search and add specific products based on the product type to apply the discount.

4. Available To

Select the audience segment the discount should apply to, based on the segment in the CXM.

Additionally, you can assign it to individual customers using the customer reference ID.

5. Minimum Requirements

Set the minimum terms for the discount to apply either by (i) setting a minimum purchase amount or (ii) setting a minimum quantity of items before the discount will apply.

6. Usage Limits

In this section, you can apply restrictions on the use of the discount. (i) Limit the number of times it can be used in total, and (ii) limit to one use per customer.

7. Code Duration

Set the start and end date & time the discount code will be active. Selecting "perpetual" means the code will be available indefinitely.

8. Click ‘Activate Code’ to create your discount code.

Discount code can be applied in the app on the final "place order" screen during checkout, by tapping "Enter promo code".

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