Our platform has a payment hold function that can be enabled if needed.

A customer’s payment of an order can be held by Stripe and will not be directly transferred to a client’s Stripe account for a maximum of 7 days.

By default the Stripe captures the payment as soon as the order is submitted or in ‘Confirmed’.

If payment hold is enabled the payment capture is triggered depending on the order status set up in the back office for example ‘Preparing’, ‘Dispatched’ or ‘Delivered’. If the payment is not captured within the 7 days holding period it will be released back to the customer’s account.


Not all credit cards support payment holds and it may increase the risk of a transaction failure at checkout. Refunds cannot be processed for hold transactions and will only be released after the 7 days holding period.

You may inform our Customer Success team if you have any clarification or questions.

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