➡️ Go to Campaigns under Engage and press +Campaign.

(Press START on the Scheduled Push)

➡️ Campaign name will need to be added, select Scheduled and the channel will be Push Notifications. Press Next.

➡️ On the next tab When, Select the Timezone to use for the push notification.
Choose the date and time to send the campaign.

➡️ On the tab What, you may select on which action to the notification will be linked and press Next

➡️ From the Who tab, select the audience saved to receive the notifications.

Note - if you want to target a specific Audience not created yet. You might need to create a new audience first.

➡️The content of the message will need to be set up in the Content tab.

➡️ Choose the language and default language.

➡️Set-up the Title (Be short)

➡️ Write the body choosing some variables tags (e.g customer first name)

➡️ CTA - Free text will appear when the customer click on the push notification on the home screen

➡️ Add a picture to give some style to your push notification

➡️CTA button on Push - When they swipe what they should do on the app? Discover, Shop Now, Finish the Order (select the one that makes sense for the push notification)

Press Next and Publish in the Confirm tab to finalize.

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