1. When logged in to the back office, click "Customers", then “Setting

  2. Look for the group and press the edit icon.

3. Press on Create referral code tab and then add the below.

  • Tier * - assigned tier to the customer that will use the code

  • # of Codes * - number of codes to generate

  • Campaign Code * - name of campaign to associate with the created code

  • Can the code be used more than once? - is optional, only tick the box if the condition is for one time use only.

  • Expiry Date - date the code cannot be used anymore

  • Store - The partner that owns the customer relationship, used for sales attribution

  • Customer Owner - internal user that owns the customer relationship, for sales attribution

  • Click “Create Codes” to generate the code.

4. Codes that will be generated will be available in Referral codes

  • Tier dropdown- is to view the specific tier if there are multiple referral codes

  • Export to CSV - an option to export the referral codes into a CSV file

  • Code - is the referral code that is generated by the system and can be used by customer for registration.

  • Date Generated - when the access code has been created

  • Registered - the date the referral code has been used

  • # - number of user registered using the referral code

  • Expiration date - if it is empty = no expiration date

  • Campaign code - name of campaign to associate with the created code

  • Unique Code - Yes (one time use only) / No ( Multi use)

  • Active- Yes ( the code is still active) / No ( the code was revoked)

  • Revoke - to deactivate the referral code

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