• When logged in to the back office, click "Orders", click “Setting

  • Select “Delivery Fees

  • Select “Zones” and click “+Zone

  1. Name - Enter the unique name of the zone. For example: state name, district

  2. Destination countries - Select the destination countries where the items will be shipped. A country can only belong to a single zone.

  • Click “Save

  • Select the “Rate” tab, click “+Rate” and fill in the required fields as below:

  1. Country of origin - select the country where the items will ship from?

  2. Zone - select the relevant zone of the country

  3. Name - enter the name of a country or location

  4. Price - is the shipping fees and it will be added to the total out upon checkout.

  5. Condition - set the preferable condition such as “Based on items weight”, “Based on order price”, “Based on the number of items”, or “No condition”

  6. Set the “Minimum price” and “Maximum price” - The conditions used to calculate the available rates. Precedent will be given to weight-based conditions.

  7. Fulfilment Type - it is either “Delivery” or “Pickup”

  8. Fulfilment Schedule - it is either “Standard” as default pickup or “Special Schedule” as express pickup.

  • Click on “Save

Note: Zone

If your service delivery will be available to several different countries then you have to create a new zone each for each country, as a new delivery fee for the concerned country.

Below is a full example:

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