• When logged in to the back office, click "Engage."

  • Select “App Links

  • Click on “Download” under “QR Code to App” if you want to include the QR code directly on your marketing & communication support.

  • Scan the QR Code using the QR Scanner app on the mobile and copy the link directly (don’t open in browner). This scan will generate your one and unique flyer link.

  • Once the QR Code is scanned, it will be available as an AppFlyers link.


It is a very important feature to be used when the app has gone live. This is to promote the app to potential users as a marketing tool. You can download the QR code and share it on social media to reach out more users to download the app using the QR code.

OneLink is a deep-linking product offered by Appflyer to create one single “smart link” which redirects users to the app or website that is native to their platform.

With the smart link on the Appsflyers the for iPhone users can download it from the Apple App Store and where else the Android user can download it from Google play store.

In the App Link session , the “App Store '' and “Google Play '' buttons are used for verification for the specific account is set up correctly after it has been approved by the App Store and Google Play.

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