1. When logged in to the back office, click "Orders." - Search for the order to open the full details page.

  2. From the order details page, you may change the status by selecting:

  • Preparing - to move to the next after verifying all the information is accurate.

  • Ready for Pick Up - for fulfilment order such as pick up order

  • Cancel Order - Customer/ You may cancel the order when the order is still confirmed status.

  • Dispatched - the order has packed and will be hand over the order to the delivery service team

  • Request Delivery - The order has been handed over to the delivery team for delivery.

  • Delivered - when an order has been confirmed delivered.

Note: The customer will be notified accordingly via email when the order has been placed or canceled only.

Once the status from “Pending” has changed to "Preparing" the order will no longer be cancelled. Hence it is recommended to verify that the data are correct. Such as shipping address, payment, delivery fee, and so on before clicking on "Preparing".

For example: If the user enters an incorrect shipping address, hence the delivery fee is not accurate. You may get in contact with the customer to update the correct details in the Back Office then proceed to click on “Preparing” or you may want to “Cancel Order” so that the customer can make a new order with the valid information.

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