The time of your app launching is a great time to generate a promo code. You can create the offer available during a specific period to entice your audience to download your app and enjoy a certain promo code.

Go to the 'Discounts' section under Engage from the left sidebar menu to create a new discount code or review active, scheduled or expired codes.

➡️ From your Kaddra back-office Dashboard, press 'Engage' from the left pane and select 'Discounts'.

➡️ Press' +Create Discount Code' to generate a new one.

➡️ A form to fill in will be available to create the discount code, including each field's description below the code.

Discount Code

➡️ Create Code: This will take the preferred code customers will key in upon checkout.

➡️ Code Applies to => Preferred market for the Code to be applied

➡️ Discount Type => There will be two options to select, Fixed amount or percentage discounts

➡️ Applies to: An option to limit the discount code's application to products in the app.

  • Entire Order - Code will be applied to all products in the customer's order.

  • Specific Categories - Products that belong to categories of choice.

  • Specific Product - Applies to a specific product only.

➡️ Segments: Predefined customer groups for the Code will be available

➡️ Minimum Requirements: order amount, number of goods

➡️ Usage Limit - number of times Code is used

➡️ Code Duration - Time of the codes effectivity

➡️ Press' Activate Code' to finalise and share the discount code in all launch communication.

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