All types of companies use WhatsApp to communicate with their customers and prospects in different ways. You can use WhatsApp deep links to automatically trigger a specific pre-populated message and encourage your audience to engage with your company on certain topics. These tips also can help you increase revenue, improve customer satisfaction and streamline your operations.

Here's a guide to creating a deep link to WhatsApp with a pre-populated message.

1 - Where to find your deep link?

  1. Go and connect to your Kaddra Back Office dashboard.

  2. Section Marketing → App links

  3. See QR code, Apple Store, Google Play Console.

2 - Scan the QR code using a mobile phone.

3 - A pop-up will appear, prompting you to open the link in the mobile browser.

4 - Press on the pop-up to open the mobile browser and copy the link generated on top.

This link will serve as a universal URL that will route customers to either Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

To enlarge the reach on the launch, use deep links to market your app on your different social media. Follow the series of announcements on Social Media with various designs and content to spread the awareness.

If you have a marketing budget, it's good to invest in some paying ads to accelerate the process and increase your target audience. Also, building another round of emails and paid ads on social will accelerate registrations.

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