As the app’s payment gateway, a Stripe account is needed for all transactions made on all orders to accept payments

You may follow the instructions on creating an account for Stripe and adding Kaddra as a developer.

➡️ Register in the page

➡️ Once the account is created you must add the user,
    go to and press New User.

➡️ Fill in the below details and press Invite.

- Email:
- Role: Developer

Please inform the Success Team once you have sent the invitation

➡️ From the main dashboard there will an option to activate the account. Activation will require you to add details of your company and bank account details for payouts.

➡️ If the App’s back office is already available you may connect your Stripe account by clicking Orders then Settings and select Payment Gateways. Once you press Connect it will open a window where you will be asked to log in to your stripe account.

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