You will need to create a Google Play developer account to host an app in the Google Play Store.

A US$25 one-time enrollment fee will be needed to sign up with a Gmail account and set up 2-Step Verification.


  1. Go to and login with your Google account.
    ➡️ If no Google account refer here to create a free Gmail account,

    ➡️ Setting up Google's 2-Step Verification? kindly refer to this article

  2. At the top left corner of the page, confirm your preferred Google Account for the Google developer account registration.

  3. Enrol as an Organisation or Business.

  4. Fill in the needed information, Developer Name will appear in the Google play store with your App name.

    * Developer Name: Can be the business/app name

    ** Organisation name: legal entity name

    *** Verify email address and phone number will have to be done to proceed to the next step

5. Tick the boxes that you agree to the Terms of Service

6. Click Create account and Pay

7. You will then be prompted to pay for the $25 one-time enrolment fee
Once paid, you are now able to access Google Play Console

8. Select Users and Permissions, then Click 'Invite new users' and key in the Email with Admin role under account permissions (Notify the Success Team on the chat once the invitation has been sent)

9. Press Invite User from the lower right part of the page

Note: If additional verification is needed by Google a banner in the main page will appear and will prompt you on the next steps to verify your organisation's details.


Open a chat with our Success Team and the team will guide you on the next steps.

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