1. Click on ‘Customers’ once logged in to the back office.

2. Search for the profile to view from the customers' list via the search box or by using the ‘Tier’ and ‘Group’ filters.

3. Click any field within the row of the selected customer to open account details with different tabs.

  • Profile - includes the customer’s personal information.

  • Loyalty - customer points and loyalty details if enrolled.

  • Notes - holds other information that describes the customer

  • Orders - lists all customers' orders sorted by their status

  • Packages - packages purchased by the customer

  • Bookings - lists all customers' bookings sorted by their status

  • Transactions - are records of payments and refunds made.

  • Bags - consists of items the customer has in their bag pending for checkout (useful to do a push notification to their bag to remind them to check-out)

  • App Versions - information from the app the user installed

  • Survey Answers - gathered information from completed surveys

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