1. Click on ‘Bookings’ once logged in to backoffice to view bookings based on their status from each tab. 

  • Pending - Bookings setup with manual confirmation first lands in pending until confirmed or declined by the partner.

  • Waitlisted - Bookings with automatic confirmation go directly in the confirmed tab as long as there's availability within the slot. If the availability capacity was reached all bookings received after will be routed to the waitlist. 

  • Declined - A booking may be put under declined if a partner is unable to fulfill the reservation request, they may press the 'Declined' button from the notification email. Booking status in the app will not change or will only show the previous state if the booking is declined.

  • Confirmed - All bookings with confirmed availability are under this tab.

  • Cancelled - All cancelled bookings are routed in this tab. The customer may cancel anytime until the actual time of booking.

  • All - lists bookings regardless of the status and ordered by the time they are submitted.

2. From any tab, you may look for the booking using the search box or by using the          filter ‘Type’ for a more sorted result.

3. Click the ‘view’ icon to open the booking details.

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