• When logged in to the back office, click ‘Bookings’, click on ‘Settings’ and ‘Booking Hours’.

  • From the ‘Booking Hours’ page search and select for the service to set up availability in the app.

  • Click the ‘Cogwheel’ icon beside the name of the service to open the settings page.

  • In the ‘Settings’ tab ‘Timezone’ of the service, ‘Email’ and ‘Mobile number’ of the contact person to be notified, ‘Language’ and ‘Reference code prefix’ will be available to be filled.

  • Press ‘Multiple bookings allowed?’ if the service will be provided more than one per time slot and click ‘Save’ at the bottom of the page.

  • Click on the next tab ‘Booking Times’ to set the available slots in the app customers will be able to book.

  • Press the ‘+’ Add icon on any day on the page, for this example ’Sunday’.

  • Fields and radio buttons will then be available to be filled up:

  1. ‘Name’ to set the group of time slots.

  2. ‘From’ and ‘To’ to set the range of time, press the ‘Clock’ icon to configure slots within range.

  3. ‘Max’ for maximum pax per booking and ‘Pax’ will be the allocation limit per slot.

  4. Cut off ‘Days’ and ‘Hours’ for the availability of booking slots in the app.

  5. With ‘Allocation’ enabled, bookings will be automatically confirmed until the limit for the number of ‘Pax’ per slot is reached. If disabled and ‘Slot’ enabled, booking confirmations will need to be done manually.

  • Click on ‘Copy Day’ to replicate settings on other days and press ‘Save’.

  • Press the radio buttons beside the days and the ‘Enable’ button before clicking ‘Save’ below the page to finalise.

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