• When logged in to the back office, click "General Setting."

  • Select “Users” to open the dropdown options

  • Click the users from the list to display all users.

  • Click on “+Invite User”.

  • Select the “Account" and enter the partner “Email address

  • Select Role/s - select the role or access permission for the partner user.

  • Click “Invite

Note: The partner user will receive an email invitation and they need to accept the invitation to registered to access the back office

  • On the “Invitations” tab is the history details of the invitation that was sent out to the partner.

  1. Token - is a unique number generated by the back office for each invitation.

  2. Email - the partner email that was invited to the invitation

  3. Registered - a date will be shown once the partner has successful accept the invitation and register the back office

  4. Active - “Yes” the invitation is active or “No” the invitation is not active

  5. Revoke - To revoke the invitation and no longer valid.

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