(A) When a new product is created.

  • In the back office, navigate to the product you want to create a new item. Complete the necessary content portion and upload any images.

  • Click ‘Save’. When this is done, the remaining tabs at the top will appear. Variants, Pricing, Stock, Sharing, Publishing, and History.

  • Add any variants to the product, and click ‘Save’. For any new product, this must be created and saved before Pricing can be created.

  • Select the ‘Pricing’ tab.

  • Check the box for ‘Default price’.

  • Set the price for the various tiers. In this example, the tiers Bronze, Gold and Silver are set to the price of $15. Cost of goods sold is $10. Click ‘Save’ to proceed.

(B) For an existing product.

  • When a product is already existing in the backoffice, and you wish to change its prices, you may proceed straight to steps 4, 5, and 6 from (A).

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