1. In the left panel of the back office, navigate to ‘Products’, expand the section and select ‘Settings’.

2. In ‘Settings’ is a subsection called ‘Bulk Upload’. 

3. The main page in this section shows a ‘Download CSV’ button. Click button to initiate downloading of the csv file, make sure to select the correct partner.

4. Click ‘Save’ to save the file to the location you have designated.

5. Click the ‘Pricing’ tab to allow downloading of the csv file for prices.

6. Click ‘Download CSV’ to initiate downloading of the csv file.

7. Click ‘Save’ to save the csv file to the designated location.

8. After updating the stock csv file, this may be uploaded. This can be done by dragging and dropping of the stock file to the stock tab, make sure to select the correct partner.

9. Similarly, the price file needs to be uploaded to the price tab. You may click inside the dotted area, select the correct file and then click upload. Or you may simply drag and drop the file from a file explorer and click upload.

Please note: The number format in the menu bar of the CSV file, if open in Excel or any other application, must be set to "General".

Upon uploading the updated CSV, only the number of amended SKUs will show in the ‘SKUs Updated’ column, in the ‘Pricing Import History’ section.

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